NBA city edition uniforms ranked for all 30 teams, from Jazz to Hawks

The 2022-23 Nike NBA City Edition uniforms are officially here, and depending on which team(s) you like, it’s a bit of a mixed bag.

To refresh your memory, the league breaks its jerseys into five categories: Association (primarily home games), Icon (primarily away games), Classic (Throwback), Statement Edition (the alternate jerseys by Jordan), and City Edition (the alternate jerseys by Nike). Viscos Material

NBA city edition uniforms ranked for all 30 teams, from Jazz to Hawks

These were the city edition uniforms that each team wore last season.

Some of these uniforms will take some time to get used to than others, but some will be immediate hits with the fans. Based on our initial reactions to the release, here is how we would rank these uniforms for each team in the league.

The Jazz opted out of a city edition uniform, instead electing to wear these boring black and yellow alternates. I guess the term “city edition” did not apply to them because Utah is a state?

The Golden State Warriors 2022-23 City Edition uniform sits at the intersection of court, community and culture. The design highlights the Bay Area’s “Warrior Women”, celebrating the strong women that have played a role in the team’s and city’s success.

The uniform was designed by Bay Area artist, Hueman, who incorporated various design elements to represent femininity, friendship, optimism and diversity.

Black and gold dominate the design, with a rose taking center stage both in the chest plate logo and faded into the background along the waistline. Hints of grey and white add some contrast to the stunning set.

This is a very cool idea and as a standalone piece, there is a lot to like about these. ESPN’s Zach Lowe described them as “among the most radical jerseys in NBA history” and candidly, that may actually be an understatement.

The 2022-23 season will mark the 10-year anniversary of the fight to keep the Kings in Sacramento. This year, the Sacramento Kings City Edition uniform pays homage to fans who rallied and refused to back down with a passion and connection to their team that is unmatched in the NBA.

For the first time in franchise history, the Kings have a gray uniform, a color inspired by the iconic Golden 1 Center. Sacramento is placed on the front of the jersey for the first time since 2016 and set in a 10-year tin anniversary bevel. The trim on the side of the uniform resembles the architectural elements of the state-of-the-art arena located in the heart of downtown Sacramento. The words “Sacramento Proud” are placed within the trim on the side of the uniform to symbolize what connects the Kings to their team, to their city and one other. The Kings never forget where they are from and who they are playing for.

The shorts feature the same purple architectural designs and the Sacramento Proud message. The primary logo set in the 10-year tin anniversary bevel on each side. A quote from Commissioner David Stern can be found near the bottom of the uniform that says, “We are keeping the team in Sacramento.”

Purple and grey do not go together very well, but congrats to the city of Sacramento for refusing to “back down” when faced with the threat of the team potentially relocating.

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The Miami Heat City Edition uniform, a follow-up to 2021-22’s groundbreaking Miami Mashup concept, swaps black for white as the base color, while keeping all of the original design elements intact.

“Mashed-up” renderings of the team’s “MIAMI”, “HEAT”, and “ball and flame” marks remain in place, as do the uniform’s smaller, more historical touches, including the “15 STRONG” anthem mark, “yellow rope” trim, Championship years belt graphic, and satin-striped side panels.

The uniform also builds on the innovation of its predecessor, unlocking 4 new Heat number sets—ViceVersa, Floridians Home, Association and White Hot—with which players and fans can customize their jersey, raising the total tally of possible number combinations from 5,256 to 12,656.

I do not know why Miami continues to make their jerseys look like ransom notes, but I do not like it.

The Philadelphia 76ers are a storied franchise with a proud tradition that connects to the rich history in the city of basketball love. With every generation comes a set of icons, stories, and indelible memories that all come to love and are inspired to share. Inspired by the Greek translation of Philadelphia, meaning the City of Brotherly Love, the 76ers recognize the game of basketball extends far beyond any single era, league, or team. 

Long-tenured high-school and concrete rivalries, 1v1’s, 3v3’s, 5v5’s, and more, the game and its traditions grew up here. The city where a game became a heritage. The City of Brotherly Love.

Unfortunately, this looks a bit like a design that was submitted for a high school class project. I don’t think that cursive was a good choice.

The Brooklyn Nets 2022-23 City Edition uniform brings back an instant fan-favorite with a new twist.

With a flip from black to white, the  Nets once again pay tribute to legendary Brooklyn-born artist Jean-Michel Basquiat with lettering and designs inspired by his breakthrough  work. The lettering across the front of the jersey reads “BKLYN NETS” with colorful side panels while the shorts include Basquiat’s  distinctive crown motif with continuing side panels and the “BROOKLYN, NEW YORK” lettering.

Someone needs to tell the Nets that there are other artists from Brooklyn besides Basquiat. This is the same thing they did last year but in a different color. 

Amongst the cathedrals of basketball throughout the state that grew basketball, the Indiana Pacers 2022-23 City Edition uniform celebrates the past and present of Gainbridge Fieldhouse with the theme Built for Basketball.

Consistently noted as an architectural crown jewel and the premier venue in the country to experience live basketball, this year marks its official re-opening after a 3-year renovation; a renovation that elevated the building to provide players a distinct home-court advantage and fans an unmatched game night experience.

The uniform honors Gainbridge Fieldhouse’s iconic elements with a sleek design that also celebrates the new. It’s a glimpse of the future, with a nod to the past.

The nearly-black Pitch Blue base is a striking departure from previous uniforms and serves as a foundation for a modern team and building. The gold truss spanning the chest and down the legs of the shorts mimic the arena’s distinct structure. The jock tag featuring “We Grow Basketball Here” harkens back to the flipper board fashion that was beloved by fans and was a staple for communicating game schedules at the older Fieldhouse.

The shorts feature a new Built for Basketball badge honoring the state’s rich basketball history speaking both to the building itself and the building of a team ready to pace a new legacy for the Indiana Pacers.

These aren’t really doing it for me. The color block and the gold truss stitching are both fairly jarring, and the concept isn’t exciting, either.

The Detroit Pistons 2022-23 City Edition uniform tells a story bigger than Detroit Basketball.

This uniform, designed alongside Pistons Creative Director of Innovation Big Sean, pays tribute to Saint Cecilia’s aka “The Saint.”

Saint Cecilia’s is a historic gymnasium in the heart of Detroit where many legends have played basketball. NBA stars such as Dave Bing, Magic Johnson, George Gervin and Jalen Rose have gathered for decades playing pick-up ball in this old church gym, which served as a beacon of hope for many Detroiters and created a safe place to play basketball.

The uniform is uniquely colored green, representing the walls of the Saint Cecilia’s Gym.

Additionally, the jersey features a set of three stars across the chest as a symbol of the Pistons three NBA Championships, and the jersey jock tag anthem highlights the iconic Saint Cecilia’s mantra, “Where stars are made, not born”, a phrase painted directly on the gym’s floor.

The finishing touch of the jersey includes Big Sean’s signature, a nod to the Detroit native who helped design the jersey.

The shorts are adorned with a replica of The Saint’s iconic stained glass window and sport white and blue side stripes.

These look like Mavericks jerseys! I’m also docking some points from this one because Big Sean put his name on these jerseys. I know he’s technically the creative director of the team, but this isn’t about him! It’s about Cade Cunningham and Jaden Ivey and all of the players who will wear them.

The Blank Canvas: Each year, the City Edition uniform features elements emblematic of our history and city. This year, the Los Angeles Lakers 2022-23 NBA City Edition uniform takes a different approach. Rather than details that tell a story, the uniform has been intentionally stripped back to its most simple design. The uniform is not the story, it is a vehicle to tell the stories behind the individual Changemakers around Los Angeles. Notice: The concentric circle design symbolizes bringing all of Los Angeles together.

LOL. The Lakers touting a “blank canvas” after trotting out this roster (and a 2-9 record to begin the season) is actually so rich in irony that it deserves its own round of applause. Also, capitalizing the word “changemakers” is very lame.

The dawn of Magic is upon us with victory on the horizon. The team’s goal is simple; to conquer the basketball world. But the path to victory is arduous. It takes great discipline and the heart of a champion.

As a legion of one, the Orlando Magic put on their armor and go to battle on the court.

They wear the Magic star like a badge of honor and the pinstripes with pride, with the kingdom’s name emblazoned across the chest wordmark of the jersey. The arena is the castle in a land united by Magic. They will fight for the honor of Orlando with a full court press toward the future now.

Wave the flag for this kingdom. For the city. For the fans. The battle begins now. Orlando is a kingdom on the rise.

The concept reads a bit like the description before playing a new level in a children’s video game, but that’s beside the point. The jerseys look good, but they’re also incredibly basic.

The Charlotte Hornets 2022-23 City Edition uniform returns to the mint, gold and granite color scheme of the 2020-21 City Edition, again  celebrating Charlotte’s history as home of the first U.S. Branch Mint and the Carolina Gold Rush of the early 1800s, but this time with a  granite base accompanied by gold and mint elements.

Most notably, “CLT” appears on a Hornets uniform for the first time, reflecting the  familiar abbreviation used throughout the city of Charlotte, including as the airport code. The letters, along with the numbers on the front  and back of the jersey, are gold with mint trim, while the player name on the back is gold with no outline. The coin-ridged pinstripes return  on both the jersey and shorts, alternating in gold and mint.

The shorts offer a gold “C” with mint trim in the team’s font on the waistband,  as well as secondary logos in gold and granite with mint outlines on each leg.

These aren’t terribly exciting, but the Hornets will always get some points for having arguably the best colorway in the NBA.

The Denver Nuggets 2022-23 City Edition uniform is inspired by the team’s hometown of Denver that continues to evolve – a city proud of its past, but always driving forward. This information derives its design from the city’s iconic architecture.

The Nuggets will use this City Edition uniform to recognize a number of civic organizations that contribute to Denver evolving into an even better place to call home.

A white base serves as a canvas ready for splashes of color, with a unique trim running throughout the collar and signature faded blue piping along the sides of the jersey. A classic city skyline patch adds a finishing touch.

I’ve really loved Denver’s uniforms in the past, and while these are totally serviceable, they’re also pretty boring.

Back in 1973, Dallas luminaries saw the promise of North Texas, but they needed a catalyst. They took out a 2-page spread in Fortune Magazine dubbing Dallas and Ft. Worth as a new industrial complex and metropolis in the middle of the country, so they gave it a term – “Metroplex.”

This started the boomtown days of success and prosperity, which paved the way for the possibility of an NBA franchise to exist in North Texas. Now, 50 years later, the Metroplex is going through a financial, business, cultural and social boom, becoming a bigger and brighter version of its former self.

The Mavericks graphically rewind the clock to the retro-fashion aesthetic of the late 70s and early 80s in this City Edition jersey and shorts. By incorporating the team’s historical color palette with an inline groovy wordmark, the team achieves a nostalgic, retro-chic design with modern, fashion forward stylings of the apparel industry landscape today.

The retro vibe is fun, and while I’m not loving the wishbone collar, this is still a bit better than what we’ve seen from Dallas in previous seasons.

With an ode to the classic architecture of Chicago, this year’s uniform includes several details of the Chicago Municipal Y.

The symbol was introduced by the City of Chicago in 1917, to represent the three branches of the Chicago river coming together at Wolf Point.

The Municipal Y, much like the Chicago river, can be found all over our city and serves as a signal of what unites – not divides – us.

The special design elements referenced are almost too subtle to notice unless you’re looking with a magnifying glass.

The Minnesota Timberwolves 2022-23 City Edition uniform is a colorful representation of the creative community across the great state of Minnesota.

Every single uniform produced is a one-of-one, distinctly different from one another. Each uniform features a unique multi-colored pattern that speaks to leaving a distinctive creative mark, no matter the medium. It’s a testament to the plethora of talented creatives that reside throughout the state, but are united by the arts.

The stylized Minnesota wordmark and jersey number were designed by a Minneapolis-based type designer and pays homage to an iconic building in the city’s skyline. The aesthetically-clean shorts mirror the pattern from the jersey and showcase a black-and-white primary logo on the left leg.

I sort of dig these. They remind me a bit of the painter Piet Mondrian and apparently, it’s also inspired by the Bob Dylan mural. But I’m not convinced this will look good on the court.

The Toronto Raptors 2022-23 City Edition uniform is a celebration of the team’s city and culture.

With classic black and gold styling and subtle details, the Raptors nod to the diversity and unity of Toronto. Toronto’s 6 boroughs are deconstructed to make an embossed, all-over pattern on the base of the uniform.

The neck, arm and short trim features the word “North” repeated in different languages, representing the diversity of the fans who surround the game.

The “Welcome Toronto” sign-off is embellished in gold, a welcome to those who visit and those who call it home.

This wasn’t a particularly thoughtful design, but they do look good, so it evens out in the wash.

The New York Knicks, Kith, Nike and the NBA reprise their partnership for the 2022-23 season with a new iteration of the collaborative City  Edition uniform.

This season’s uniform takes inspiration from the late 1990’s to early 2000’s as the uniform bridges the gap between the  past and present.

This uniform highlights the renowned era as direct inspirations were taken from the 1999-2003 years of Knicks Basketball. The top features  a V-neck inspired by that same era, while inverted colors from 1998-2012 seasons were also used. The iconic Knicks branding on the chest  gets a sleek update and lastly, the Nike NYC swoosh logo continues to be seen on both the jersey and short, highlighting the partnerships clean and modern look .

The latest collaboration with KITH isn’t as good as last year’s, but I’m definitely going to see a lot of people around New York wearing them.

The Milwaukee Bucks 2022-23 City Edition uniform is inspired by one of the most diverse and distinctive neighborhoods in the city, Bronzeville. Historically, the neighborhood was the African-American economic, social and artistic hub of Milwaukee, bringing together all ethnicities to celebrate African-American culture.

It has since seen a renaissance in the last decade with a resurgence of diverse dining and shopping, but always continuing on as the center for African-American culture and arts. Bronzeville is home to a tapestry of vibrant and unique murals, including the “Patchwork” mural which is adapted into the side panels of this year’s uniform. The Bucks want to tell the story of this neighborhood through the eyes and words of the people and artists that call it home.

Visually, the team will show many public art murals and city scenes around the downtown area – both Bucks-inspired murals and other content murals famous to the city – culminating on the sights of Bronzeville and the Patchwork mural. Closeups of the jersey will be juxtaposed with sights and sounds of the Bronzeville neighborhood, including footage from the annual Bronzeville Arts and Cultural Festival and soundbites from Bronzeville Collective’s resident artists. Ultimately, the team will shine a light on a unique neighborhood as well as the patchwork of the city as a whole and what makes Milwaukee the gathering place. We will ultimately highlight this place throughout the season by showcasing the people of Bronzeville in the arena and in the digital and broadcast space.

This is a nice shade of blue and the patchwork side panel is really pretty.

The Cleveland Cavaliers City Edition uniform draws inspiration from the physical make-up of Northeast Ohio.

It showcases the wordmark “The Land,” tying this uniform back to the city by utilizing the popular nickname for Cleveland.

The graphic is reminiscent of vintage Cavs logos from the 80’s. The blue ball represents the sunny shores of Lake Erie and the tiered brown tones take inspiration from the bountiful soil. “For the Love, For the Land” appears above the jocktag, symbolizing what basketball means to the region.

These uniforms, designed by contemporary artist and Cavs creative director Daniel Arsham, are successful because of their simplicity. They aren’t trying to do do much, and it’s very clean.

The New Orleans Pelicans 2022-23 City Edition uniform is a celebration of the city and the greatest show on earth — Mardi Gras! Purple, green, and gold are the official colors of the Mardi Gras season and can be seen all over New Orleans on flags, floats, and traditional king cakes.

Throughout the uniform, striping details feature these colors and three matching fleur-de-lis appear on the shorts. The deep Purple Dynasty base color represents an evolution from past Mardi Gras uniforms and pays respect to the royalty that Mardi Gras Krewes elect each season to preside over their parades and festivities. This is a celebratory uniform for this unique place the Pelicans are proud to call home.

These are exactly what I’d expect from the Pelicans, but they look pretty good, so it’s totally fine.

Arizona is home to 22 indigenous tribes. From the Kaibab Paiute to the North and the Pascua Yaqui to the South, from the Navajo, the most populous, to the Tonto Apache, the smallest. The Phoenix Suns, Arizona’s first professional team, and the 22 tribes that have called this region home for thousands of years have a shared respect for family, community, and environment, and a common love for basketball. With the introduction of the Phoenix Suns 2022-23 City Edition uniform, the Phoenix Suns will celebrate Native American cultures and the passion for the game of basketball that connects us.

The uniform’s turquoise base color represents the protection stone or living stone, which has special meaning to the indigenous tribes that call Arizona home. The Suns primary “Sunburst” logo is centered on the chest of the jersey. The red trim of the jersey represents the color of the land and soil found across the state. The side panels feature a traditional stairstep pattern commonly depicted in regional indigenous art. The side panel is bordered by a black tape feature the direct translation for “the sun” from all 22 tribal nations of Arizona.

The shorts carry the same side panel and black tape from the jersey. The belt buckle features a new logo featuring the PHX wordmark and a basketball surrounded by 22 feathers to represent the tribal nations that call Arizona home. The feathers are colored red, yellow, white and black to align with the traditional “medicine wheel” which has importance to indigenous communities across North American and represents the four directions and cycles of life. While the waistband features a pattern and design inline with sashes worn in traditional regalia worn by some of the tribal nations in the region. The shorts also feat 22 arrowheads along the hem line as another nod to the tribal nations of Arizona.

This is an excellent idea with a strong usage of gorgeous turquoise, though admittedly, something about it feels a bit incomplete.

The 2022-23 Boston Celtics City Edition uniform pays homage to a true “champion of gold,” Bill Russell.

Russell’s legacy spanned the “Golden Era” of Celtics basketball, an era with an unmatched and unstoppable 11 championships in 13 years.

However, it was the barriers that Russell broke not only on the court, as the first black head coach and a member of the first all-black starting five, but off the court that truly made him “The Gold Standard,” a consistent reminder of what it truly means to be a Celtic.

The uniform features the following: Stylized script wordmark, Eleven (11) gold diamonds on the side panels, (jersey and shorts) marking Bill’s 11 championships,  “6” with eleven (11) diamonds present on the belt buckle,  “Champions of Gold” anthem detail over the jersey jocktag.

These jerseys were initially “conceived and created” with input from Celtics legend Bill Russell before he died. Shout out to Bill Russell.

The Oklahoma City Thunder 2022-23 City Edition uniform honors the people of Oklahoma. Oklahomans are driven by a distinct set of values called ‘The Oklahoma Standard’, which is built on a foundation of service, honor, and kindness.

It’s who they are. It’s in their DNA. It’s their ethos. It’s as uniquely Oklahoman as the red soil that makes up the foundation of the state. They are born to believe that work conquers all – “labor omnia vincit,” just as the state motto proclaims – and they are always pushing towards better.

This uniform represents the collective experiences of what it means to be an Oklahoman:

The use of THUNDER across the chest unifies the state, from the Red River to the plains to the panhandle.

The belt buckle features the outline of all 77 counties in Oklahoma. There are seven stripes down each side panel, also representing the 77 counties. Both are a tribute to all Oklahomans and represent the statewide bond.

Oklahoma’s historical terrain is featured along the side panels as a cultural signifier, symbolizing grit, perseverance, sorrow, pain, spirit, and resilience. It’s an important part of their history and mentality. It’s the soil of the Heartland and the foundation of their lives.

The Oklahoma Standard (Service. Honor. Kindness.) lays inside the uniform over the heart of those who wear it.

These uniforms were designed by former NBA dunk contest champion Desmond Mason, who played for the Oklahoma City Thunder and majored in studio art at Oklahoma State. He is an abstract expressionist artist and these uniforms are fantastic.

The Houston Rockets City Edition uniform is carried over from the 2021-22 Nike NBA City Edition Moments Mixtape City Edition Program. In celebration of the NBA’s 75th Anniversary, this on-court collection was designed to showcase the iconic moments of each franchise.

This City Edition uniform brings together different details from past Rockets uniforms worn throughout important eras, such as elements of the championship seasons, Yao Ming being drafted, the 22-game win streak and the strong 2017-2018 season.

The uniform reminds Rockets fans of the rich history of the franchise while pushing the team into the future.

Even if these are nearly identical to last year’s city edition uniforms for the Rockets, they were so nice, you might as well try them twice.

The Washington Wizards’ 2022-23 Bloom City Edition uniforms pay tribute to the city’s iconic cherry blossoms.

The pink base of the  uniform highlights the flower’s most iconic color. White accents throughout, including the falling petals down each side of the jersey, blend  with a pink-to-blue gradient that symbolizes the blossoms on the water of the tidal basin, home of the city’s most iconic cherry blossom  trees.

The team’s brand-new cherry blossom logo dots the “i” in the “Washington” wordmark across the jersey’s chest, putting a fresh,  floral spin on a staple of the team’s modern look.

Look closely to see the three distinct cherry blossoms sitting just above the official NBA  tag, mirroring  the  three-star design of the Washington, D.C. flag.

The primary Wizards ball logo is displayed prominently on each side of  the new-look shorts, connecting the cherry blossom pink to a deep blue, symbolizing the water of the tidal basin the cherry blossom trees  call home.

I know you’re telling me these are inspired by the cherry blossom flowers, but I’m going to insist that they were actually influenced by Kyle Kuzma’s oversized pink sweater.

The 2023 City Edition Uniform celebrates our deeply rooted bond with the South LA community, including design elements honoring the heritage and passionate spirit of the renowned Drew League. The uniform embodies the shared values of the Clippers and The Drew—work ethic, resiliency, optimism—and pays homage to a tradition of inclusion and spirited play.

I love to see the Clippers embracing South L.A. and the nods to The Drew League and the Watts Towers are awesome.

L.A. Clippers City Edition Jersey - $149.99

The 2022-23 Memphis Grizzlies City Edition uniform celebrates the legacy and future of Memphis Hip-Hop, the neighborhoods and people from which the Big Memphis sound flows from, and the fabric of Memphis today. Highlighted by chrome inspired detailing, diamond textures and Memphis’ unapologetic and unique style, the uniform serves as a tribute to the artists and albums that define Memphis hip-hop and its raw sound.

-The Memphis hatchet-shaped wordmark draws inspiration from local hip-hop album art and along with the number set incorporates a diamond texture outlined by a chrome inspired detailing while framing the word Grizzlies in the iconic Beale Street Blue.

-The right uniform panel and its asymmetry aligns with Memphis’ unique style and the current and throwback uniform systems dating back to the inaugural seasons in Memphis (2001) and Vancouver (1995). The “MG” pattern and underlying diamond texture form the jersey wordmark & number set pulled through this panel, the neck and left short leg trim, embodying the big style and swag of Memphis and the team.

-As with the asymmetrical uniform silhouette, the oversized bear icon on the short connects to the current and historical uniform systems. The chrome-inspired detailing highlighted on the bear head and trim throughout the uniform represents the hustle of Memphis artists, whether selling mixtape cassettes out of trunks or delivering Memphis sound to the world today.

-The stylized ‘M’ on the buckle, represents Memphis iconic ‘M-Bridge’ highlighted with the chrome detailing and diamond texture throughout the uniform.

-Just above the jersey tag, a Grizz grill along with ‘For The M’ is emblemized to represent the fierce pride Memphians rep for their music, their teams, and their city.

These were very clearly ambitious, but they also work really well and I think they’re going to look especially good on the court for Memphis.

The Portland Trail Blazers 2022-23 City Edition Uniform design falls respectively in the “Uniquely Portland” category. No other team would be as confident and quirky as to model their uniform design around an airport carpet pattern.

This City Edition uniform proudly pays homage to the Portland International Airport’s carpet which reached local icon status in the ‘90’s. The unique geometric shapes displayed over a bright teal base represented the view of the North and South runways as seen overhead by air traffic controllers. The cult following quickly grew as it became tradition for travelers arriving and departing out of PDX Airport to take photos of their feet safely planted on the colorfully patterned carpet.

The City Edition is a black-base design with a familiar “Blazers” sash featured across the chest brilliantly filled in with the teal and geometric-shaped carpet pattern. The letters “PDX” are featured on the front of the airport and is the official code for Portland International Airport as well as a common city nickname.

The gold trophy icon on the back neck symbolizes the team’s 1977 Championship. The shorts feature the team’s primary “pinwheel” logo on one side and continuation of teal carpet pattern on the other, while showcasing the team mantra, “Ripcity” on the belt buckle.  #RipCityCarpet

I attended the University of Oregon and flew into the PDX airport countless times, so these get a stamp of approval from me.

Déjà vu, decades later. It was early ’96 and the NBA All-Stars were in town. Under the bright lights of the Dome, the All-Stars donned the uniforms that would inspire the San Antonio Spurs’ 2022-23 City Edition uniform – rich turquoise, retro accents and all.

San Antonio fans got throwback uniforms and teal uniforms in the same design, and the retro tones look excellent. The notes of orange and pink are a really nice touch for the Fiesta-themed uniforms.

Growing a peach tree from a seed takes at least 3 years to bear fruit. Three years ago, we launched our Peachtree City Edition uniform,  inspired by Atlanta’s iconic street — Peachtree Street. Now, 3 years later, that seed continues to bear fruit with a fresh take on our original  peach tree uniform.

The Atlanta Hawks 2022-23 Peach uniform represents a new take on our iconic Peachtree uniform and a nod to the city’s roots as a cultural trendsetter. The jersey and short colors and design represent the high energy of the city that it calls home. From Electro Peach to Sunset  Haze, the gradient reflects the awesome diversity of the city, rooted in the foundation of what makes Atlanta great.

The Peach uniform pays the ultimate respect to Georgia, “The Peach State” while uplifting the Hawks mantra of being “True to Atlanta” to  the core.

These uniforms came out so much better than I ever could have anticipated. The electro peach, sunset haze, and infinity black go together very well.  The fact that they’re wearing them for the first time on the same day as the series finale of FX’s Atlanta is also such a nice tribute.

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NBA city edition uniforms ranked for all 30 teams, from Jazz to Hawks

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